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Live on American Airlines
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Shyan Selah Talks Being a Business Rockstar

Shyan Selah Talks Being a Business Rockstar
Singer. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Poet. Activist.
A Soul Rock Vocalist with Hip Hop roots, Shyan Selah has broken the mold and given a new definition to the words “World Music”.
Welcome to his Brave New World.

Shyan Selah 21st Century Leader Artwork for the Whatever It Takes Campaign

Shyan Selah Joins George Clooney, Eminem & Others as a 21st Century Leader

Shyan Selah has been chosen to join 21st Century Leaders, a select and diverse group of influencers ranging from...

Shyan Selah to be Honored as a “Hero” by the Federal Way Schools

Shyan Selah to be Honored as a “Hero” by the Federal Way Schools

Shyan Selah has been nominated as a “Federal Way Public Schools Hero” by Illahee Middle School for the work...

“Momma Told Me One Day” Live from Goorin Bros.

“Momma Told Me One Day” Live from Goorin Bros.

Shyan Selah Performs this Exclusive Bonus Track during a Cafe Noir Project Performance at Goorin Bros. Hats in Pike...

Cafe Noir Live

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Cafe Noir Live Album
Shyan Selah started the Café Noir Project as a form of his own unique musical activism. Cafe Noir is an expansion on Shyan’s community outreach, something that’s been a staple in his career from the start, and communicating with new fans on an intimate level. Having grown up listening to everything from John Coltrane to Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac to KRS One to Prince, Shyan takes the lead from his influences creating music designed to inspire people and move communities the way those artists did for previous generations.

The Cafe Noir concept started as a live performance in the heart of Seattle’s Central District at the 23rd and Jackson Street Starbucks before expanding into a tour at exclusive Starbucks stores combined with live music venues, schools and colleges around the country. From the start this project was about being on the ground and  interacting with humanity. The vision and the mission: Reaching people right where they stand.

“I want to empower that aspect in all of us that wants what’s best for ourselves. That’s my goal with every song I write, every note I sing. The Café Noir Live album features a mixture of music I performed at the store where it all started in Seattle. After years on the ground touring select Starbucks stores, my relationship with the coffee giant has become a fixture in my community outreach efforts. Through it all I’ve collected some unforgettable moments. I am so proud of what this has become.” – Shyan Selah

Cafe Noir Live Album Cover


"To push others forward is to push the world forward"

~ Shyan Selah
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Singer. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Poet. Activist. Soul vocalist Shyan Selah has become the latest musician to become a 21st Century Leader. "Live and love with all your heart."

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The Cafe Noir Project returns to Federal Way, WA at the Dash Point Starbucks THIS Saturday, April 29th 6:30pm to 8:30pm. (1656 SW Dash Point Road). RSVP at the link to reserve seats!
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