Shyan Selah Interview @Goorin Bros. Pike Place Market
Live at the Whisky “For So Long”
Pink Butterfly Video
Singer. Songwriter. Poet. Activist.
A Rock Vocalist with Hip Hop roots, Shyan Selah has broken the mold and given a new definition to the words “World Music”.
Welcome to his Brave New World.
Join the Fight against Breast Cancer!
Shyan Selah Releases “Pink Butterfly” YouTube Dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors.
Connect directly with Shyan Selah…

Connect directly with Shyan Selah…

Listen to the
Pink Butterfly track.
“Pink Butterfly,” the first single from Shyan Selah’s new album, City of Angels, is the perfect representation of music from this unique and dynamic artist. In “Pink Butterfly” Shyan takes the combination his own soulful/rock vocal tone and his clever and witty word play and vivid lyrics to tell a story of attraction, sex, beauty, passion and obsession. “Pink Butterfly” is classic rock and classic hip hop – honest music designed to move not only your body but your imagination. Quite simply, the track is timeless.
The Mixtape
Brave New World.
This MixTape is the love child spin-off of the Brave New World Album where Shyan Selah takes music lovers through a lyrical journey filled with rock-soul vocal serenades and classic hip-hop story-telling.


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