Sunday night I was asked to present a very special acknowledgement to legendary guitarist, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and ZZ TOP front man Billy Gibbons. It was an honor to say the least. My dear friend Martin Guigui bestowed this opportunity on me and I am truly grateful. Again I can’t stress enough the importance of being good to others and being good to yourself by surrounding yourself with great people! This was a Powerful moment and a tremendous end to the 2015 journey of The Cafe Noir Project. Moreover, it serves as a deep symbol of what is to come in 2016! I’m excited to work with Martin and Billy in the future. On behalf of every corporate/community partner associated with The Cafe Noir Project including; Starbucks, Apple, PLU and a very special thank you to Goorin Bros Hats, it was so great to honor such a legend. Billy performed his new album and we graciously interrupted his set by recognizing him with an official acknowledgement and serving him up one of Goorin Bros baddest brims to date. The hat was a perfect match for Billy’s new project “PERFECTAMUNDO” which features Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz music laced with his signature Rock n Roll Guitar and Vocals! Billy Gibbons and The BFG’s were phenomenal. Big Thank you to my team and the beautiful Candice Richardson and De’Vaughnn Williams for joining me in this presentation! Billy loved it!!!

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