Shyan Selah releases the first album from the Cafe Noir Project, Cafe Noir Live.

Cafe Noir Live Album Cover

The live experience means everything to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a bit of a studio fanatic as well, but there is simply no replacing moving people live, especially in a place like Starbucks. As a performer I love the big venue stage and I love the schools and college campuses, but once you get with the people from the community up close and personal at a Starbucks, it brings it all back home. There’s nothing like love and good music from the neighborhood. I love the Cafe Noir Project because of its live essence. This is why we chose to release a live version of this album. It simply is what the people experienced during the course of the tour. It’s truly special. From hugging strangers, to kissing babies, to having meaningful conversations after the show, it has truly been an amazing experience. Now it’s important to keep building throughout the global community of music and coffee lovers in this unique and meaningful way. I appreciate every single soul who supports my music and mission. Get the Cafe Noir Live album now!