Shyan Selah brings the Cafe Noir Project to Lacey, Washington’s Starbucks Evening Store.

Shyan Selah performs Cafe Noir at Lacey Starbucks

August 1, 2015 – Starbucks, Lacey, WA – This show was the first time I’d ever been to Lacey Washington as a performer. I knew a little about the city due to Saint Martin’s University; however, with the exception of passing through it via Interstate 5 coming back and forth from LA to Seattle, I had very little experience with Lacey. It was a sunny and warm day and though I only was in that small section of the town, it was beautiful. Tons of trees, a town square and Saint Martin’s University Campus which is gorgeous is all within walking distance from this Starbucks.

The unique thing about performing in Starbucks Coffee Houses is always that there is a similar vibe and culture in every one. The customers always seem to enjoy the music and the baristas are always considerate, and professional. The people here were no different. Located directly across from the entry to Lacey’s Town Square this Starbucks store is one of a growing number of “Starbucks Evening Stores.” These stores feature a nice wine selection, some extra food items and stay open later than regular stores.

Me and the crew set up fairly quick and got right into the first set. The sound blended nice with the natural acoustic in the cafe and immediately I slipped into the cool Rock n Soul vibe that makes this experience so unique and different. In every store the crowd comes and goes but what I love is the facial expressions, and automatic rhythmic head nods that takes place with the patrons when they hear the music. There’s always a crowd or two that ends up staying and hanging out for the whole set.

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These young guys came to Starbucks and had no idea what would be waiting for them. They got their drinks and sat down bobbing their heads to the groove. They were accompanied by an adult who was bringing them in to cool off from the blistering 90+ degree heat outside. During the intermission I got to hang out with the boys and they asked me if I could teach them how to put together a song. So of course I went straight to work in discussing the simplicities of structure of verses, choruses, bridges, intros, and outros. The boys caught on and by the time I was into my second set, one of them had finished a whole verse. Yes his first verse ever in life was written in a Starbucks store in Lacey, Washington during a Shyan Selah set! It was a great feeling when 2 of his friends reluctantly approached the performance area and asked me if he could get on the mic. Even though I typically do not allow such things, on this day I granted the opportunity and he made it happen. A teenage kid who walked in off the street, who just learned songwriting structure minutes before, was ready to get on the mic and show the crowd what he came up with. Over the beat of “My Musik Remix” this kid dropped a 16 bar verse in Spanish to the Starbucks patrons and the people loved it. Truly a landmark moment on the tour.

Shyan Selah with Lacey Starbucks staffThis is what it’s all about. This is how I rock, how I get down, how I go about touching the people. It’s about giving them a reason to get involved, to get active and then provide an opportunity to let them shine. I love this project because music has always been so intimate for me and every time I perform there is always someone who is uplifted and becomes motivated to move their life forward in a positive direction toward their dream! I want to thank the wonderful baristas and staff at the Lacey Starbucks and of course the good people of Lacey, Washington for being gracious hosts to me and my team. I look forward to returning in the future.

As it is with every performance we concluded with an interview and selected the song “REJECTION REMIX” to be the topic of Q&A. Added to this blog is the footage from the interview. My intention as an Artist is to give the people something different, innovative, and new. Please feel free to share the message or the interview. Your support of my endeavors is greatly appreciated and I thank you all for continuing to root me on in this journey. We are in this together. Keep Rockin, and Be Brave!

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