Shyan Selah addresses questions on whether his song “Hustla Prays” is falls into Christian Rap at Starbucks in Lakewood Towne Center

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Returning to the South Puget Sound, Shyan features “Hustla Prays” from the Cafe Noir Live Project at the Starbucks in Lakewood Towne Center. During this tour leg in Western Washington, he addresses a question he’s often asked while on the road when new fans hear this song for the first time: Is Shyan Selah a Christian Rap artist? According to Shyan, the song’s message is not about belonging to any specific religious affiliation, it’s about whether or not you’re being true to who you are and focusing on being the best you rather than passing judgment on others.

“It really just comes down to no matter what you claim your label is, are you performing in it? Are you actually living in the virtues of peace, harmony, love, prosperity, kindness, patience, so on and so forth,” says Shyan. “If you listen to the intentions in my songs, there’s a lot of truth, a lot of vulnerability, there’s a lot of fragility there and I think that that’s the essence of prayer.”

With its bluesy hip hop groove, “Hustla Prays” is one of the smoothest tracks on the upcoming Cafe Noir Live Album. Check out this latest video vignette from the Cafe Noir Project captured live at Starbucks Lakewood Towne Center below and then click here to sample the entire Cafe Noir Live album.


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