I was asked in a recent conversation…Why do you what you do? My answer goes something like this:
When it all comes down to it….I just BELIEVE I can do anything. I feel that if GOD had the reasons to give me the talents than I should have the Faith to utilize them to the fullest. The fact that I have any talent at all is the evidence and proof that it’s there to be used. I do trust that every attribute is a gift and that it’s a matter of who’s getting a chance to experience that gift that makes all the difference. Can you imagine if Einstein, Tesla, Ghandi, King, Kennedy, Ali etc etc chose to not use their gifts?? What kind of world would we have now? I don’t know about you but I’m honored to do the work I do. I Love what I do passionately! In a world like this, you have to use every resource, you have to accept the responsibility that comes with purpose! It’s not about surviving, it’s about thriving! My art is my life. It is the substance I give to the planet, to my children and my fans that says “I AM ALIVE,” and that I appreciate the opportunity to be seen and heard amongst a generation entrenched in: War, Politics, Fame and Violence. Therefore I stand bold, brave and committed to a cause that I was born to take part in. I Believe that Faith without Action is dead. So it is my actions that I encourage you to support and join me in. I am thankful for every hand I’ve shaken, baby I’ve kissed, body I’ve hugged, eyes I’ve locked with because YOU justify my being! You give me the fuel to continue and I only hope that you know I will move my faith to even Greater levels of action so that it may inspire more of us to do what is purposeful and true! I ask that you please share my musical expressions with friends, associates and family. I want to connect with you all and continue to express my gift to sing, inspire and touch the people. Forever Brave