This street holds a special place in my heart. I’ve had the pleasure of doing some cool things on the ave over the course of many many years. I’ve also had a great relationship with Fairfax High School were I was able to work with staff and students on inspiring kids about the importance of education and the arts.


No, I’m not the typical “Stay In School,” or “education is the answer” horn blower. I’ve always strived to push that envelope, in fact even redefine the sentiment altogether. My approach is that academia as a whole must find a way to bring itself into relevancy to the common student. To usher in the critical questions of how can we use education differently, or how can we make it perform for us in a new way? How can education become more applicable to real life and how can we effectively use it to inspire students to see it that way and administration to uphold the integrity of this call to action?


Eli Amzaleg, Shyan and fairfax students

Eli Amzaleg, Shyan Selah, and Fairfax Students

It was on this artistic yet business driven street where some of my most special community events have taken place. In years past these events have even been held right outside of the world famous Sportie LA sneaker shop. Its founder Eli Amzaleg has been a great creative sponsor with me and my organization in the past. We’ve produced live performances on the street and have given out sneakers to students from Fairfax who were excelling in school. We also came up with some action programs for students not doing well to get back on their feet. You might be asking why would anybody in music looking to launch their career to the masses would be doing things like this….well the truth is, my career has always been about this. This has always been a priority topic for me as an inspirer who is interested in using music and art to address the needs of the collective community. I believe that the stronger the individual, the stronger the team. To touch one life is to touch a family and so on. Especially if the individual is strengthened by the understanding of the concept of team.


Shyan Selah and the Starbucks on Melrose Ave staff.

Shyan Selah and the Starbucks on Melrose Ave staff.

The last time I was on Melrose I was at Starbucks performing live in front of an active audience that was dialed in to the message, the vibe and the sound. To see so many people come off the street in one the world’s most populated shopping districts for a dose of Rock & Soul was a powerful experience to say the least. I am happy to announce that I am coming back for another series of exclusive Starbucks shows throughout the Los Angeles area. That’s right, on August the 20th yours truly along with many of my industry friends will be at this particular show but I’ll also be doing several Starbucks stores including the grand opening of a new Starbucks located in the city of Gardena.


For this Grand Opening there will be a special Ribbon Cutting ceremony and a select number of key members from the city including the Mayor. For me it just speaks to the power of music. It speaks to the strength of community and that’s what this whole Cafe Noir Project is about. It’s part of the reason that Shyan Selah and Starbucks flow well together. It’s the collective intention for empowering our communities worldwide. Bringing people together to be uplifted and motivated to do more for themselves and more for each other! We are living in unprecedented times which call for new and innovative people to emerge and take the mantle for positive change. To my dear friends and family in the Southern California region, I hope to see you all at one of these dates listed below. In the strength and commitment to the art of music, the power of education and the hope for community growth I say to you all BE BRAVE!


Here’s a short clip taken from a previous show at the Starbucks on Melrose Ave that sums up what the Cafe Noir Project is all about.


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