Shyan Selah Performs this Exclusive Bonus Track during a Cafe Noir Project Performance at Goorin Bros. Hats in Pike Place Market Seattle.

Shyan Selah in Goorin Bros.

One of the things that I strongly feel must happen in our communities is a resurgence of the live arts.

I’m dedicated to producing events that provide Live Poetry, Drama, Music, Fashion and Food & Beverage amongst adults. This is about connecting our worlds through our creativity and career endeavors. It’s about celebrating an experience at the highest levels of quality. Thankful for my partners at Goorin BrosTatoosh Distillery & Spirits and Brave New World for making this possible. Every one at my adult events for The Cafe Noir Project represent the fabric of our community. From law enforcement to pro sports and everything in between we connect and have a great time. We as adults owe it to ourselves to create safe, cool and hip environments to interact with one another without threat to our safety. I am definitely proud to add this element to my work on this project and to remind people that having a good time with good people is mandatory in life. I hope you enjoy this clip of my song “Momma Told Me One Day,” live from Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle. More exclusive events like these are coming soon. If you are interested be sure to sign up on our mailing list for exclusive invites.