I met Hip Hop in small town America. A little suburb south of Seattle called Federal Way where I grew up. My older brother Marcus was the torch bearer for the art and was the catalyst for all of my early memories with the art form that revolutionized the music industry. After already being the 3rd son of a record collecting die hard Black Rock/Soul Music fanatic, I never thought anything could compete with James Brown, Otis Redding, George Clinton, or Bill Withers. Until I saw my brother Marcus in the basement one day breakin over music that was simply “Dope Beats & Rhymes!” Those memories are waxed in the sounds of RUN DMC, The Beastie Boys, Rakim, Grandmaster Flash and so many more. The break dancing competitions were held daily back then and you honed your skills on local playgrounds or sidewalks with throw away cardboard that was likely to be riddled with AKA’s, Nicknames, Crew Names, Street tags and more! It was all art and all fun.

The majority of my career was spent in the Hip Hop side of the music industry. I used to rock freestyle battles at will and respectfully made a name for myself in Seattle, LA, and New York. I’ve landed several record deals and accomplished a few great things in the business before I had my artistic epiphany…that one moment that questioned whether or not I was being “ALL” the artist I was capable of being. I didn’t want to continue to exist in music without my full artistic roots and history of music in the genres of: Soul, Rock, Funk and Blues being included. Art is about truth and I had to be true to myself. I then decided to create my band The Republic Of Sound and I’ve been performing ever since as primarily an Urban Rock Artist.

Being that I’ve always been the type to explore and take an interest in merging music and current affairs, spirituality, government and community. Hip Hop ended up becoming a pivotal and very synergistic outlet in my life. An opportunity to express in a whole new way. I will always do Hip Hop because Hip Hop is music and so much more than most people will ever truly know. Throughout my career I’ve been blessed to work with a cache of who’s whos and most recently landed a little appearance on the cut “MONEY MONEY,” a song by Hip Hop star CASSIDY, featuring myself SHYAN SELAH and MINIBLAZE produced by industry Super Producer Duane Darock. The track walks the people through the mind of money and the mentality of its greatest oppressor “The People!” ¬†For me, this was a much needed moment to get back to the art of Rhyming!

Check out the cut and spread it to all things Hip Hop!