Being onstage is a form of worship for me. There’s something that’s just euphoric about it all. For years I could never quite grasp the all the pieces that made up the euphoria. I guess in a naive or maybe even narcissistic way I figured that somewhere between the venue, the lights, or the unique sound of my band and style there was this secret stuff that creates such a high during the show. I’ve rocked a lot of stages throughout my career that have taken me to many places around the country and beyond, but yet every show carries this mysterious aftertaste of a high. Bear in mind, every city is different, every venue holds a new experience and Lord knows not every show is perfect. I’ve recently begun to really think about it and then the answer REALLY hit me last night while performing in Belltown in Seattle’s premiere party district. Believe me when I say that I love a good challenge. When it comes to Seattle the primary culture for night life experience does not usually include “Live Bands.” That alone is enough for me to prepare to engage in a Musical/Social Renaissance. Make no mistake, being competitive is part of my nature. But even the opportunity of pulling that off wasn’t the substance of such bliss. Then I felt it, during the middle of the set as I looked at the audience. Every face was telling a story of their own. Though I was performing I suddenly felt like I was doing the listening and I knew then that the answer has always been YOU, the people! You literally make me high! It’s as if there’s a reciprocal exchange of energy between us when it’s all happening. Like we’re trading stories. All the various faces in the crowd that represent so many cultures and forms of identity. Now this moment was no epiphany, it’s more like a long awaited confirmation but it hit me in “SURPRISE” form! I’ve always carried a deep appreciation for people, as an activist and artist it’s not only embedded in the DNA of your purpose but it’s downright necessary to do the job. However, this was different, this was a realization that I’m as much of a recipient to the moment in the room as the person sitting in the front row! I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve discovered what it means to truly be thankful to be a performer. My fan base is growing and my gratitude is beyond me. I thank you all for sharing the journey with me.