Shyan Selah Returns to Hershey’s State Meet for the Final Time

On the last weekend of June, Shyan Selah returned to his athletic roots as the Keynote Speaker and National Anthem performer for the final Hershey’s State Track & Field Meet in Vancouver, WA.
A former Hershey’s State champion, taking first place honors in the 100M and 4x100M Relay, Shyan had words of wisdom for the 500 youth chosen to participate: give thanks to the people who support you. The international music artist and “Pink Butterfly” singer brought up his childhood track mentor, Barb Tight, as an example of the diverse individuals that can have an impact on a child in helping them pursue their dreams. Not a dry eye could be found in the house when Shyan introduced Barb to the young athletes and 1,500 spectators in attendance and chronicled the times she picked him up and got him to practices and events as a child before turning to her with a personal message: “Barb you’re wonderful and I love you.”

About Hershey’s Track & Field:

The Hershey’s Track & Field Games has been the largest youth sports program of its kind in North America, with hundreds of thousands of children competing every year. This year marks the 37th year of the games where everyone has a chance to be among the 480 athletes who qualify to compete at the North American Final. The HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games has produced many Olympic medalists and competing athletes.

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The day after the Hershey’s State Track Meet, Shyan Selah brought the “Cafe Noir Tour Live at Starbucks” to Portland, OR – first performing on Broadway and then the famed Brewery Blocks. The Customers loved his special brand of “Acoustic Soul” and Urban Rock Vocals.

“I love your voice! Keep up the good work!” – Cynthia (Starbucks Patron, Brewery Blocks)

Shout out to Guitar Center North Portland for Supporting Shyan Selah & The Cafe Noir Tour!

DSC_3717 (2)The staff at Guitar Center knows how important it is for a musician to have great sound. That’s why we’re giving a major shout out to Guitar Center North Portland for providing the sound equipment for Shyan Selah’s back to back Cafe Noir Performances at Starbucks! Thanks to managers Brandon Johnson and Amber Hanvey (pictured right) and their cool and generous staff for providingh it we had 4 hours of rich full sound for the patrons at Starbucks and Shyan Selah’s new fans.

BNW Global would also like to give a special thanks to Shandhya Prakashni and Ritesh Prasad of Horace Mann Insurance – Vancouver for their support of Shyan Selah’s performance and appearance at the final Hershey’s State Track Meet! Horace Mann is the largest, national multiline insurance company focusing on educators’ financial needs. They offer auto and homeowners insurance, retirement annuities, life insurance and other financial solutions to educators and their families. Click on the logo to learn more!

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