Shyan Selah Performing at Rosecrans & Central Starbucks in Los Angeles.

Over the past week Shyan Selah and the Brave New World Crew took The Cafe Noir Project to Southern California where people been mesmerized by the cool soul-rock sound of Shyan Selah live at Starbucks. Coffee lovers, day trippers, studying students, and business professionals from Compton to Hollywood were treated to Shyan’s unique voice and uplifting message of community empowerment.

“The beautiful thing about bringing this project to Starbucks is that they have embraced the role of being a neighborhood hub in all types of communities throughout the country,” said Candice Richardson, Vice President of Media Relations for Brave New World. “Shyan’s music and message is universal so these stores are a perfect fit for all the different cities and environments that we’re taking the Cafe Noir Project to.”

Thus far on the Cafe Noir Tour those environments have included the Starbucks stores on Alameda & 91st and Rosecrans & Central in Compton, CA, Telegraph  & Orr and Day in Commerce and Melrose Ave in Hollywood where Shyan performed in the store’s outside courtyard and the drumbeats, melodies, and Shyan’s urban rock vocal tone carried throughout the fashion district.


From left to right: Michael Teehee, Shyan Selah, Candice Richardson, Larry Dominico

The BNW Films crew including Larry Dominico (Director of Video Production) and Michael Teehee (the official Photojournalist for Cafe Noir) captured customers migrating to the seats outside where those who loved the coffeehouse vibe were serenaded to the sounds of “Love” and “Spanish Harlem” while the Hip Hop connoisseurs bobbed their heads to the likes of “Mama Told Me One Day,” and “All Around the World.”

“As an artist this is what I’ve always wanted to do and this is what I will continue to do,” said Shyan Selah. “It’s all about uplifting the people, making them feel good and providing a new live music experience for them. This is my moral compass as an artist – to reach people at the soul level. I’m thankful for Starbucks’ support and the undying efforts of my team and crew to make it possible.”

The Cafe Noir Tour in Los Angeles for the month of May 2015 will continue with appearances at Firestone & Garfield, Whittier & Goodrich, and MLK & Bullis, and conclude with Shyan Selah singing the National Anthem for the University of Southern California Trojans Baseball team against Arizona State. For more information and to view additional dates, visit