Named the “Swiss Army Knife” of social media tools, single platform social media management company eClincher has partnered with multi-talented artist and entrepreneur Shyan Selah to expand its business model throughout the music industry.

Shyan Selah and Gilad Salamander of eClincher

Shyan Selah and Gilad Salamander of eClincher

“As an artist, Shyan Selah understands the need to be on social media. He recognizes the growing trend of a tighter connection between artists and followers on these platforms,” says eClincher Founder and CEO, Gilad Salamander. “On average, businesses spend over 12 hours a week managing their social media presence. For music artists and musicians, it’s typically higher. Shyan’s understanding of the impact of social media on brands and business-consumer relationships is amazing. He is a musician, but his level of thinking is much more advanced in terms of understanding how social media is changing the world.”

“eClincher is a revolutionary tool. Music, Film, and TV production companies of all sorts are having to adapt to the digital landscape and it’s important there are authentic partnerships being built to provide sustainability within the tech and creative communities,” says Selah whose entertainment firm, The Brave New World Global Entertainment Company (BNW Global) will be facilitating entertainment business development for the eClincher brand.

“I believe that our coming together provides potential for unlimited brand management capabilities. In a world where it is critical to become conscious of connecting with your audience via Social Media, eCincher is positioned to be that brand building management solution that you need to maximize your efforts.”

Within the last month alone eClincher has unveiled 11 new features to its expanding software including Post Preview, publishing video attachment to Twitter and Facebook, Google tracking campaigns, Bitly integration and much more. The platform is an all-in-one system allows for content and media management, publishing and scheduling content, monitoring and engagement via live feeds and unified social inbox. eClincher’s social media management tool supports eight social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram among others. Expanding on the functionality of other sites that allow users to schedule posts to their favorite social media accounts, eClincher has incorporated not only an auto publishing tool, but also allows for at-a-glance analytics, integrated access to creative media with over half a million free images, and content curation tools such as Feedly, RSS feeds, etc.

“We developed the eClincher solution because we saw a need in the market,” says Salamander. “Businesses face challenges with managing multiple social media accounts, engaging with followers, and maintaining an active presence on various social networks, a huge time consuming task. Business owners who saw the need to respond to consumers on social networks got overwhelmed. They found themselves without tools or resources or weren’t able to afford them to effectively manage their overall social media presence. Businesses don’t have a choice, they have to be where their consumers are on whatever social media platform they’re on.”

“I think that every entrepreneur, artist, small business owner, marketing rep, record label and A&R, etc. will appreciate the automated marketing and promotion options that this platform provides,” adds Selah. “It’s hard to argue against being able to save time through automating efforts so we can concentrate on creating.”

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