Shyan Selah Joins the City of Gardena for a Starbucks Grand Opening

Being able to perform live as a part of a Grand Opening celebration of a Starbucks store is already a cool and different thing to do. There’s already enough excitement around the new Baristas, Managers, and other Starbucks Partners that make the experience special. However for all of the times that I’ve performed in the World’s greatest Coffe Houses over the last 3 years, I can tell you now that to open a store and perform live in Gardena, right in the middle of the hood off of

Shyan Selah poses with Gardena Police Officers

Shyan Selah poses with Gardena Police Officers

Rosecrans and Normandie was the best experience so far. Aside from the usual Starbucks coffee lovers this experience brought out some of the city’s top influencers including The Mayor, City Council Members, Chamber of Commerce, Police Officers and many others that came together to welcome the community to their new neighborhood coffee shop.

It was more than a privilege to perform the “Cafe Noir Project” to the locals in the Gardena community. From Grandparents to Grandchildren and everything in between. This was truly a community event. My friend and Starbucks District Manager Chris Cowell  is doing a great job in cities like Compton, Gardena, Hawaiian Gardens, and other SoCal inner city areas. Not just because he’s bringing me in to empower members of the community by performing and speaking life into those areas but also because he and his staff actually care about the people. For me that’s what it’s all about….Give the people what’s best for the people!


Shyan Selah performs at the Grand Opening of the Rosecrans & Normandie Starbucks in Gardena

The energy at Gardena’s new Starbucks store added a whole new element to the Cafe Noir Tour Experience. Check it out:


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