garfieldhsjpegSeattle, WA – Friday, November 18, 2016 – Today Shyan Selah and Brave New World commemorate a new alliance with The Right Brain Center for the Arts with an appearance and performance for Garfield High School students at the Quincy Jones Theater.

Shyan will be speaking to students as part of a special lecture titled: Shyan Selah: My Story in Music. The event marks the kick off of a brand new Recording Arts and Technology class that will be offered to Garfield High School students beginning February 2017. The class will be offered five periods a day and will cover basic introduction into music recording and production to advanced level studio recording and production. The courses will take place in a new state of the art recording studio to be housed on campus. The Right Brain will also be offering its classes after school to reach more youth in the community.

“We are very pleased and honored to be working with Shyan Selah,” says Val Seid, Founder and President of the Right Brain Center for the Arts. “Shyan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the music industry. Most importantly though he is very passionate about giving back to the youth of our community and sharing his experiences with them. We couldn’t ask for any one better than Shyan to help us kick-off our new class at Garfield High School. We are very excited and hope to continue our relationship with Shyan for the long term.”

Today’s musical event featuring Shyan is the first in a an ongoing series being co-produced by The Right Brain and Brave New World to bring music and entertainment professionals to students in the Seattle community as part of an effort to give them real information and experience about the music industry as a whole.

“First and foremost, I think what the Right Brain Center for the Arts is putting together at Garfield is what it’s all about when it comes to taking action within our community,” says Shyan. “In my opinion, innovation is the greatest form of protest and when you bring innovation to the community it can do powerful things. I’m very excited and honored to be coming back to Garfield to share my story, my music, and my message with the students there. Some of our most talented musicians have come from the Central District area and have come out of Garfield High School, so to be in the Quincy Jones Theater is a tremendous blessing as not only was he a former Garfield student, but a producer, songwriter, and influencer that I admire greatly. I’m looking forward to this event and many more to come with The Right Brain and Garfield.”

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