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In the four years since Shyan Selah first set up his microphone at the Starbucks on 23rd & Jackson Street in the Central District of Seattle – where soul grooves permeated the atmosphere amid games of chess, church group meet ups, and Seattle U undergrads hunkered over laptops – what would become known as the Café Noir Project has evolved city to city, community to community. Whether it was international tourists mixing in with major music and onscreen talent on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, or Amazon’s labor force in search of caffeine descending en masse at the cross-section of Terry & Republican in Seattle, there was a common experience: the unexpected and energizing treat that was Shyan Selah’s voice infiltrating the hustle and bustle of every day business.


Since those moments, Shyan Selah and the Café Noir Project are now in demand at a growing number of exclusive Starbucks locations across the country; and especially at stores that host Starbucks Evenings.  No longer just a place to get revved up with your favorite hand-crafted caffeinated beverage, Starbucks has been steadily expanding its consumer experience with Starbucks Evenings: neighborhood venues as a place to unwind with a cold beer or glass of wine and specialized paired food selections. Nothing goes better with that than the bass funk groove of “Pink Butterfly – Urban Remix,” or the smooth R&B of “Hustla Prays,” or the haunting hip hop beat that lies under Shyan’s unique rendition of the Bill Withers’ classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine” to cap off the night.


Starting this Friday at Lakewood Towne Center in Washington and lasting through the summer, Shyan Selah will be appearing at Starbucks Evening Stores all along the West Coast before expanding throughout the country later this year performing his Cafe Noir Project.  Now, music lovers can enjoy a little something extra, be it a glass of chardonnay or merlot on top of the bonus experience of mind and body moving music that is Café Noir. For a full list of dates, visit: Those not in the performance area can still experience the live sound with the Cafe Noir Live album (captured during Shyan’s performance at that original 23rd & Jackson Street Starbucks where the Cafe Noir Project was born) from iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, or by clicking here.