It’s been a while since my last blog entry so I figured there’s no time better than NOW to reach out. The last month has brought on some AMAZING developments and I definitely wanted the most important people in my career “YOU, MY FAN-MILY” to be well aware of the progress. Since we’ve last connected I’ve been playing free promo shows in the community of Seattle. One of course at my homebase at the Historical STARBUCKS on 23rd n Jackson in The Central District and another new home in the heart of Downtown Seattle at the sophisticated but artsy HOTEL MAX. All of the shows were played for free for the people and customers of both places and were a lot of fun. It’s always good to have a smooth acoustic environment to play in before we hit the venue touring circuit. These shows have been a blessing because they allow to me build my brand, reach new fans and keep the skills sharp. I’m sincerely thankful to both venues for supporting my music. On the business side of things it’s been more of a planning phase for The Brave New World team with the release of PINK BUTTERFLY. I’m so excited about this process and we are taking our best efforts of making sure that this project has an honest chance to thrive in the music marketplace.

We’ve recently begun promoting nationally via Radio as we move into producing the video and hitting the road for touring. Nobody ever said that breaking into the music industry was an easy thing to do, so we are being mindful that the task ahead is one that calls for discipline, focus and a lot of good team energy. It’s literally time to ROCK in all ways possible. This coming March I’ll be playing at the Whisky in Hollywood off of Sunset Blvd. I’m excited for the show as it will be the first time me and the boys (“THE REPUBLIC OF SOUND”) have performed in Hollywood since our show at The ROOSEVELT a couple of years ago. To add, there’s a big probability that I’ll be playing at SXSW via a last minute showcase slot from INDIEPOWER. Lastly, I’ll be front and center to rock the National Anthem for the USC Trojans’ Baseball Team the 1st week of April before I head to New York for the launch of the Starbucks tour. Things are heating up and I just wanted to keep you guys informed.

I sincerely thank you all. Every single one of you who have signed up for my newsletter and have seen me perform. I aim to make you proud and keep you at the forefront of my crusade. My intention is to deliver good music that inspires and pushes the envelope of creative expression! I can’t thank you enough for being a part of this journey!