Brave New World Album

I’m proud to announce that my freshman debut, the Brave New World album, has been re-released as singles through INgrooves. I made this album in the Winter of 2008 and it was officially first released in the Fall of 2008 on what was then KOCH Entertainment. My career has a lot of twists and turns and this was a pivotal one. Like so many projects and dreams that get lost in the hustle of things, I never really was able to let this one go and just move on. This one meant a lot and I’m so excited it’s getting new life through this re-release. Call me corny, attached, or just too damn serious, but I pour my soul into my work and when you watch it get smothered and lost it affects you.

As it is with every song I’ve ever written or recorded once it leaves you it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. Each song from the Brave New World album represents an era or a moment in time that symbolizes so much of what makes me who I am now. This project was riddled with not only the standard drama that comes with pursuing dreams, but even some really unique dramas and some flat out tragic moments. I can’t wait to share with you all what happened and how it was overcome. This album from its sound to its artwork embodies some hard core truths married to my insatiable desire to use my life to impact others and show that being true to who you are is ultimately the greatest form of accomplishment. I wrote all of it from the perspective of a black super hero communicating his power to touch the world through beats, rhymes and melodies. This album is all about using imagination, being free, being brave and being true.

My team and I have created a Facebook page devoted to bringing the album and collection of work from the ashes. Stay tuned for so much that never got released before to all unfold here. This page is exclusively dedicated to all the work attributed to this project and will feature and showcase:

  • Rare Interviews
  • Photos
  • Un-Released Songs/Demos
  • A MixTape dedicated to the Album
  • Amazing Graphic Artwork
  • Lyrics and more.

I am re dedicating this page to give life to the project and to honor all of those who participated and worked on the Brave New World Album. Thank you for all of your love and support.
– Shyan Selah