I am starting this blog for one simple reason and that is to give my fans and supporters more of what they want. Throughout my career I have made it a point to not just settle with being an entertainer or to settle with being a talented artist. I always strive to be much more. I set out to want to move people in the very same way that I was moved by my own inspirations and icons and legends of life. My appreciation and gratitude for my fans and supporters is humbling to say the least. Being that I set out to be the type of performer who was more of an activist made my road unique and sometimes very difficult but it’s after the show that means the most to me. those are the times when people have the questions. Questions like: “what made you write that song?” Or statements like “that performance made me cry.” And of course, nothing more impactful than when I hear “I want to pursue my purpose and dreams. Can you help me do that?” These are the things that I’ve heard from people for years and as a form of outreach, I’ve always tried to create programs in communities where I have a presence and I want to be able to continue to inspire, and guide using every resource possible.

I’m a firm believer that to get to know yourself you have to truly examine what it is your attention is currently fixed on and what it is that’s currently around you. To me, that tells the whole story and gives you the basis to begin making decisions that you can be certain about. It’s really easy. Either you like your current circumstance or you don’t. But you have to really take a look at it to determine that answer. And then, you have to accept that you are 100% responsible for whatever the current circumstance is. This is the power. That acceptance of that truth is the power, is the knowledge you need to begin to make the practical adjustments. this blog is a new step for me. It supports my intention in reaching people in every way possible.

This point in time is crucial for me as I’m preparing to launch my new album. I’m working with an awesome team at Indiepower, distributing worldwide through INGrooves/Universal, developing and expanding my team at BNW, learning everyday to become a better man. right now there is a big focus on me becoming the best performer I can be. It is my goal to perfect my mind, body, and soul so that what I give to you is consistently my personal best. Therefore I want to personally acknowledge a dear friend and mentor Dr. Thomas Stone and his beautiful wife, Rosemary and the team at Healthy Habits for sponsoring me as I prepare for the most important point of my career. I’m currently working out with my good friend, Ali Crosbie – a top trainer here in the Northwest for many elite MMA fighters. I am in deep vocal training inspired and guided by the greatest vocal coach ever, Doc Holiday. I’ve always believed in receiving great coaching and mentorship and have far too many to name in this blog entry but you will come to know them intimately as we go along on this journey. I want my fans to know that I love them. I want my supporters to know that I am grateful for them and that without them this is not even possible. Moreover, I love the Creator and I’m thankful that I’ve been given a couple of gifts to share with the world in hopes that I may make it a better place every time I use my gifts towards my purpose. This blog is going to be exciting, lots of hardcore truth, motivation, inspiring stories, even some interviews, some vlogging and performances. When it’s all said and done it just comes back to pure…quality…music.